Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gwen Fox - Abstract Expressionist who dances to her inner soul

Gwen Fox is known for her abstract expression. As a renowned international artist, her paintings are a reflection of life, immersed in unexpected layers of color and texture to reveal a remarkable vision that breathes new life into familiar images. One first notices the color…then witnesses the energy within.
Gwen allows the dance of her inner soul to emerge. Her creative spirit is driven through the use of color, texture, movement, and line that delights and mystifies the senses.  Her work has won multiple awards and has been selected for exhibition in the famous Fermoy Art Gallery, Kings Lynn, England, where it hangs alongside work by His Royal Highness Prince Philip.  In addition, Gwen’s work hangs in the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, New York, has been featured in one person shows in Hawaii, England, Washington, D.C. and Colorado, and has inspired New York poet, S. David.

"The Journey Begins" - oil on canvas - 36" x 36"
© Gwen Fox

She is now listed on the Online Catalog of International Artists (OCIA) which is delivered electronically to galleries and art collectors around the world.  To view her entry (#0048) and other talented artists, click here.

She also provides workshops for those who would like to tap into their inner strength and peel away limiting blocks. For her workshop information, please visit  International Directory of Art Workshops & Classes - entry#009.

For additional information about Gwen Fox, visit her website:


  1. She is amazing! I love her brilliant colors and intriguing forms on her abstract works. Also, I just visited her website and found that she is also a great pet painter! Congratulations, Gwen!

  2. So glad to have found your blog - really wonderful work that you showcase, including this amazing abstract piece by Gwen!

  3. Thanks for including me on your list.

  4. I've seen her work here in Colorado. Nice to see it on your blog.