Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inspiring story by Lewis Isaac Testa

The latest entries to the International Portrait / Figure Painting Showcase turned out to be very special.  Lewis Isaac Testa, a pastel artist formally trained at the Art Students League of New York in the 70's, shares not only his beautiful paintings but also an inspiring story of his life.
In October of 2003, he was involved in an automobile accident, which required him to have disc fusion surgery on his neck. When he awoke from surgery, his entire right side was immobile and he could not feel anything on his left side. It turned out that the surgery triggered a stroke, rendering him paralyzed on his right side, which was his dominant side. After over a month of hospitalization, he was transferred to a rehabilitation facility, as he needed to learn how to do normal everyday things again.  He could not even hold a fork. Art for him at this point seemed a thing of the past and something he had to let go of. After three to four years of intense therapy he was able to regain much of his strength. He is now able to walk again, although now with a limp.
He states "I now paint everyday for several hours. My entire attitude has readjusted. I am proud and confident in my works and most importantly it is therapeutic for me to paint. I feel freedom when I paint. It is a strange thought and to most who have heard me tell it, if it weren’t for my stroke, I would never have transcended the self imposed restraints on my life and of course my art."

Here is one of the images he entered to the International Portrait / Figure Painting Showcase.

© "Day Dreaming" by Lewis Isaac Testa

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  1. A beautiful painting and an amazing story!

  2. Thanks so much for including me in your "Artists to Watch" section. I appreciate it!

  3. Mr. Testa is an inspiring man and gives us all something to ponder about our own so-called difficulties in life! Also, thank you for including me in your "Artists to Watch" section.

  4. Very interesting your post, I liked !


  5. What an inspiring post! Mr. Testa's art is phenomenal and his story is amazing, I'm so glad you shared this. :) What a wonderful blog I stumbled across this morning.