Friday, November 4, 2011

International Illustration Showcase is up now!

The International Art Guide is hosting the International Illustration Showcase featuring many fabulous illustration works of various styles and medium. It's a great opportunity for book writers, game designers, publishers, art collectors, and illustrators to meet and communicate with one another. The International Art Guide is accepting more entries to be added to the showcase during its one year exhibition period. Visit International Illustration Showcase and check out the amazing talent and creativity!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Unique, stylish portraiture by SW Bielak

If you are looking for unusual yet stylish portraits, you might want to check out SW Bielak's original watercolors and acrylic artworks.  He transforms familiar faces into something memorable, sometimes humorous, and definitely collectible pieces.   Bielak seems to enjoy painting so much as he states, "I love doing this as it takes me away to another world inside myself ... Hope you enjoy what makes me happy, & it does the same for you!"
For more information on SW Bielak, click here.

John Adams
Acrylic on canvas
16" x 20"
Dear John
Acrylic on canvas
11" x 14"

The Janelle Warhol Project
Watercolors to film
22" x 22"

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Gwen Fox - Abstract Expressionist who dances to her inner soul

Gwen Fox is known for her abstract expression. As a renowned international artist, her paintings are a reflection of life, immersed in unexpected layers of color and texture to reveal a remarkable vision that breathes new life into familiar images. One first notices the color…then witnesses the energy within.
Gwen allows the dance of her inner soul to emerge. Her creative spirit is driven through the use of color, texture, movement, and line that delights and mystifies the senses.  Her work has won multiple awards and has been selected for exhibition in the famous Fermoy Art Gallery, Kings Lynn, England, where it hangs alongside work by His Royal Highness Prince Philip.  In addition, Gwen’s work hangs in the Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club, New York, has been featured in one person shows in Hawaii, England, Washington, D.C. and Colorado, and has inspired New York poet, S. David.

"The Journey Begins" - oil on canvas - 36" x 36"
© Gwen Fox

She is now listed on the Online Catalog of International Artists (OCIA) which is delivered electronically to galleries and art collectors around the world.  To view her entry (#0048) and other talented artists, click here.

She also provides workshops for those who would like to tap into their inner strength and peel away limiting blocks. For her workshop information, please visit  International Directory of Art Workshops & Classes - entry#009.

For additional information about Gwen Fox, visit her website:

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

René PleinAir - A Dutch Painter who is following van Gogh's footsteps

René PleinAir, as his name indicates, is a plein air painter, who lives in the Netherlands, where Vincent van Gogh spent his dramatic and emotional 37 years of his life and created many plein air masterpieces about 120 years ago.
Like van Gogh, he paints just about every day, documenting visual impressions of various locations in the country. However, unlike van Gogh, who had sold only one painting during his brief career, René is well-known in the art community and makes a living by selling his paintings. Also, unlike van Gogh, his life doesn't appear to be tormented :)  And we all hope that his painting career will be long and blessed!  He is on our "Artists to Watch" list, so visit his blog frequently and start collecting his beautiful Dutch landscapes, and pretty soon you will feel like you are breathing the North Western European air that van Gogh, Vermeer, and Rembrandt had once breathed.

René PleinAir is currently featured in the International Art Guide
- Click here to view his profile and portfolio.
He is also listed on the Online Catalog of International Artists - entry#0044.

© "Vanaf de Uitvlucht" (view from the "Uitvlucht") - Schinnen, Holland
24 x 30 cm, by René PleinAir
© "Westervoort Beton" (Westervoorts concrete factory) - Westervoort, Holland
Oil, 24 x 30 cm, by René PleinAir
© "Even blijven hangen kleine vriend" (Hang inn there little friend) - Arnhem, Holland
Oil, 24 x 30 cm, by René PleinAir

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Lewis Isaac Testa, the pastel artist who shared the inspiring story of his life with us (see the July 6th posting below), is also showing his pet paintings in the International Pet Painting Showcase hosted by International Art Guide.

© "Bucket-O-Pup" by Lewis Isaac Testa

For more pet paintings by Lewis Isaac Testa (entry#249 - #251) and other talented artists, visit International Pet Painting Showcase

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Inspiring story by Lewis Isaac Testa

The latest entries to the International Portrait / Figure Painting Showcase turned out to be very special.  Lewis Isaac Testa, a pastel artist formally trained at the Art Students League of New York in the 70's, shares not only his beautiful paintings but also an inspiring story of his life.
In October of 2003, he was involved in an automobile accident, which required him to have disc fusion surgery on his neck. When he awoke from surgery, his entire right side was immobile and he could not feel anything on his left side. It turned out that the surgery triggered a stroke, rendering him paralyzed on his right side, which was his dominant side. After over a month of hospitalization, he was transferred to a rehabilitation facility, as he needed to learn how to do normal everyday things again.  He could not even hold a fork. Art for him at this point seemed a thing of the past and something he had to let go of. After three to four years of intense therapy he was able to regain much of his strength. He is now able to walk again, although now with a limp.
He states "I now paint everyday for several hours. My entire attitude has readjusted. I am proud and confident in my works and most importantly it is therapeutic for me to paint. I feel freedom when I paint. It is a strange thought and to most who have heard me tell it, if it weren’t for my stroke, I would never have transcended the self imposed restraints on my life and of course my art."

Here is one of the images he entered to the International Portrait / Figure Painting Showcase.

© "Day Dreaming" by Lewis Isaac Testa

For more paintings by Lewis Isaac Testa and many other talented artists, visit International Portrait / Figure Painting Showcase
hosted by International Art Guide -

Saturday, July 2, 2011

The most unique and memorable gifts for someone special ...

The International Portrait / Figure Painting Showcase hosted by International Art Guide exhibits human portrait and figure paintings by many talented artists around the world.  Most of them sell their originals and prints, and also take portrait commissions.  The personal portrait paintings would be the most unique and memorable gifts for special occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, and so on.

Here are the latest entries to the International Portrait / Figure Painting Showcase by Louisiana artist, Mark Gil.

 © "Dressed in Red" - Oil, 36" x 48" by Mark Gil

 © "The Servant" - Oil, 30" x 40" by Mark Gil

 © "The Night Before the Next Day Back At School"
- Oil, 16" x 20" by Mark Gil

 © "What the Canvas Sees" - Oil, 20" x 24" by Mark Gil

These paintings are available for sale.  For more information on the paintings by Mark Gil and other participating artists, please visit International Portrait / Figure Painting Showcase

For artists: if you would like to submit your entries to the Showcase, visit Artist Call for Entries