Sunday, June 26, 2011

Immortal Pets

Pet portraits are more popular than ever these days for an obvious reason - they are "immortal".
If you are looking for a skillful professional artist who can portray your beloved pets, you are in the right place.
Check out the International Pet Painting Showcase where nearly 100 artists are showing over 240 paintings (and growing) of all kinds of pets in their unique styles and different medium.
Here are some artworks exhibiting on the Showcase by internationally recognized pet-painters and remember - they are all copyrighted by their lawful owners:

© "Phoebe" by Akiko Watanabe

© "My Guys" by Pat Durgin

© "Robinsons' Horses" by Anne Barron

To view the Pet Painting Showcase, visit

For artists: if you are interested in adding your entries to the Showcase, click


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